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Rainy Day Reading Bookish Reed Diffuser

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Escape into the Pages with Rainy Day Reading Bookish Reed Diffuser

Carefully selected blend of oils for your comfort. Our company is about pure natural materials. It’s have wonderful warm calming and romantic smell.

Our 100ml Amber Bottle Reed Diffuser will scent your home for up to 12 weeks.

A rainy day is a special gift for readers.

Rainy days are perfect for reading. That’s the time just to cuddle with a blanket and a cup of tea and deep into a fictional world.

Rainy Day Reading Candle is very unique with a scent of relaxing fragrances which will take you in wonderful pure imagination in this stormy weather.

Scent Details:

A fresh marine fragrance opening with lemon, lime, bergamot, juniper and green notes supported by waterlily, fern and lavender resting on an ozonic base of precious sandal woods, ozonic notes and amber.

Made with natural ingredients and essential oil

Handmade in London

Vegan and cruelty free

Parabens Free

Lasts up to 12 weeks


Diameter – 70 mm.

Height – 77 mm.


Reeds Included

How to Use a Reed Diffuser:

Made up of a bottle of fragranced oil and reeds which absorb the oil and naturally disperse the scent into the air, they are a perfect alternative to candles which will keep any room smelling beautiful throughout the day.

They are very simple to use; reeds are inserted into a glass bottle or glass jar of scented diffuser oil, the reeds soak up the scent and emit a pleasant aroma around your home - easy! Unlike candles, reed diffusers are flame free and do not require any heat. They disperse scent into the air naturally.

Use a coaster or plate under your diffuser to keep any oil drips from damaging a precious counter top.

Flip all of the reeds on all of your diffusers before leaving for vacation. When you return home you'll be welcomed by an inviting fragrance rather than a stale, stuffy home.

Settle in your favorite reading nook and let the fragrance from our Rainy Day Reading Reed Diffuser whisk you away to the pages of your favorite book. Immerse yourself in tranquility, as you breathe in the calming scents, cultivating an environment ideal for literary explorations.

Crafted carefully, our reed diffuser respects not just the reader in you, but also prioritizes your overall life setting. Infused with long-lasting, high-quality fragrances, it ensures a gentle and continuous diffusion, enveloping your spaces with a comforting aroma. It is perfect for creating a serene atmosphere, no matter the weather outside, transforming your homes into an abode of relaxation.

Gift yourself and other book enthusiasts this delightful product that merges the love for reading and the need for a pleasing ambiance. This scented reed diffuser not only enhances your homes with its wonderful fragrance but also adds a touch of elegance with its simplistic design. It is indeed an ideal companion for those relaxing rainy day reading sessions. Dive into a world of books with our 'Rainy Day Reading Bookish Reed Diffuser'. It's not just a product, it's an experience.